SpeedBlock can propel your project with speed and efficiency.

With 40+ years’ experience in the industry, Erik Garfinkel, founder of Palo Alto Concrete and Construction, expanded on the process of  working with concrete to invent SpeedBlock. As a large format CMU (concrete masonry unit), SpeedBlock panels come in 24′ lengths at a height of 32″. Structurally, they provide 3X the strength of hand-built, standard cinder block wall construction.

The block is manufactured offsite based on the specifications of your project. With the SpeedBlock process, we’re able to eliminate much of the wood-based forms used in our traditional pours.

This process can also save you up to 80% of the time and crew needed for building out form-based structures. The speed and flexibility of building with SpeedBlock is especially beneficial when building deadlines are critical to a project.

Just like on a standard foundational walls project, we can provide all the site services and the waterproofing work that is required.

Depending on the type of building project, SpeedBlock can also be used for all support wall structures. Learn more about SpeedBlock by visiting speedblock.com.